Our partnerships aim to bring together government, businesses, communities, research partners and international boundaries, to help magnify the work of our university. Our broad range of relationships allow us to participate in opportunities impacting our students, staff, and community. We strive to identify how we can create new partnerships, and develop current ones with respect the impact that partnerships have on our growth as an academic institution. They are categorized as follows:

Industry Linkages: The University works with businesses all sizes and in all sectors to collaborate on a range of projects which add great value to your research and create new opportunities.

Community Based: We continue to develop and strengthen our relationships with important partners of the Kenyan community

Academic Collaborations: Through collaboration and innovation, the University has research capabilities in our four thematic areas to help solve problems, and seek out new knowledge.

  • Skills Development & Productivity growth;
  • Industrialization, Technology, and Innovation;
  • Regional Integration, Infrastructure, and Trade;
  • Natural Resources, Governance, and Food Security.

Global partnerships: We foster strategic relationships with universities across the world to share our activities with essential opportunities, resources and connections.


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