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Admissions Entry Requirements


Office of Registrar

welcomes new and current students to Pioneer International University. If you’re looking for somewhere different to attend University, somewhere that will welcome and challenge you, somewhere you will grow as a person and have fun along the way, you need to think beyond, you need to think about PIU

We welcome students from all backgrounds and abilities. Our emphasis is on enabling students to engage with their chosen course and achieve their goals. Our graduates demonstrate flexibility, critical thinking, cultural awareness, creativity, and communication skills.

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Admissions Entry Requirements

  1. The PIU Admissions Board approves minimum entry requirements for all the University’s Courses.
  2. Minimum entry requirements are set to ensure that a student is only admitted to a course when and where the Board believes that the student can undertake the course with a reasonable prospect of success.
  3. Minimum entry requirements are specified in the relevant approved course curriculum. The criteria for minimum entry requirements are provided in the individual Course catalogue/Curriculum.
  4. Meeting the minimum entry requirements allows an applicant to be considered for selection. However, not all applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements for a course will be selected as class capacity and deadlines for application shall be applied.
  5. When approving minimum entry requirements, the admission’s Board guarantees:
    1. evidence-based selection;
    2. no unfair or unnecessary barriers for student access to the University’s courses;
    3. facilitation of recognition or credit of prior study or work experience for entry into the University’s courses;
  6. Minimum entry requirements may be waived only with the permission of the Chairman of the Admissions Board.
  7. The Board will, from time to time, monitor the effectiveness and appropriateness of minimum entry requirements.

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Minimum Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Programmes

1. KCSE Mean grade C+ (plus)
2. IGCSE 5 Upper Level Passes
3. 4. GCE 12th GRADE 5 'O' Level passes with C and above and / or Principal C at A level. GPA of 2.5.
5. KACE 2 Principal passes.
6. 7. 8. Diploma Or a Professional qualification Related Diploma from a recognized institution. Professional qualifications from a recognized examining body

Diploma Programmes

1. 2. KCSE Certificate Mean grade C- (Minus) Related Certificate from a recognized Institution.
3. 4. KCE Professional Qualification Div 111 Professional qualification from a recognized examination body.
5. 6. IGCSE Bridging Course 3 Upper level passes Bridging Certificate from a recognized Institution.
  1. Applications to the PIU

  2. Accepted or rejected

  3. Admission granted

  4. Filling of the PIU Application Form

  5. Duly completed forms

  6. Admissions window closure

  7. The Admissions Office/ Registrar

International Students.

Students from around the world are welcome at Pioneer International University. We offer our students the opportunity to learn and grow through a curriculum specifically designed to cross-cultural and national boundaries.  At Pioneer, we understand how important it is to feel prepared to fully embrace your professional life after graduation and we are here to support you. To process your application promptly and begin the process of admission at PIU, it is important that you provide all required documents as an international student. 

As an International Applicant, you must have satisfied the minimum University entry requirement in your country and meet departmental requirements for the subject applied for. Candidates from non-English speaking countries shall be required to pass a special entrance exam set by PIU and demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English.

Transfer Students.

Transfer students are important contributors to the Pioneer International University community, and we value the experience and maturity transfer students bring to the classroom environment. A transfer student is an individual who has studied at another accredited university or college prior to studying at Pioneer International University.

We offer programs to assist you in making a smooth transition to PIU, and to ensure that you have positive experiences socially, personally, and academically. Students wishing to transfer to PIU from another provider must complete the Student Transfer Application form, available on our website or available from the Office of the Registrar. Once completed, this document with supporting evidence must be submitted to the University Registrar for assessment.



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