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Games and Sports

The Pioneer International University Sports Department better known as the PIONEER PANTHERS, is in its 3nd year of serving as an integral part of the institution and surrounding community. Headed by a visionary team with high ambitions of setting up a Center for Sports Excellence in 10 years, the first of its kind in Kenya.

Today, The Sports Department is responsible for provision of recreational and competitive sports for both students and the members of staff in the university. The Department encourages regular mass participation in sports through fun activities as well as intramurals which include inter-year, inter-faculty and staff versus students’ sports competitions. The intramurals build up games and competitions from the baseline to competitive sports in the university.

On competitive performance, the University is affiliated to Kenya University Sports Association (KUSA) Nairobi conference and steadily making its way into the national leagues. The sports department staff continue to be instrumental in identifying and nurturing talent leading to an exemplary performance at the conference and national competitions. Athletes who qualify for university games are exposed immensely to global competitions.

University healthcare

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals deliver a comprehensive range of diagnostic and medical services. This includes:

  • General consultations
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Healthy living wellness and fitness services
  • First aid and Emergency Services
  • Health education through infographics on our social media platforms
  • Organizing health discussion panels and health and wellness days in accordance to the World Health Organization schedule.
  • Referral services for laboratory and radiological services.
  • Partnership with BRITAM and NHIF as our inpatient care insurances providers
  • Sports medicine advice, first aid management and referral of sports injuries.
  • Providing the perfect ambience for milk expression for our lactating clients.
  • Offering psychosocial services and mental health care and awareness in conjunction with the counseling and chaplaincy department.
  • Liaising with the hostels’ matrons and the dean of students to ensure students access healthcare after working hours.

Debate Club

Vibrance and pace setters is what PIU debate club is known for. We believe in empowering our members in skills that help them in articulation and public speaking while having fun. As members of Kenya National Debate Council, we participate in numerous debate and public speaking championships nationally. We have lots of fun travelling and competing with fellow debaters.

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club provides an avenue through which students can acquire skills to cope with life outside school either on the labor market or for job creation. We encourage our students to improve the savings culture from an early stage. Members who already have small businesses outside the school attribute their success to the skills acquired from the club. The discipline and values attained have also helped them to maintain good grades. We invite mentors and businesspeople from different fields who mentor and skill our students. Our goal – work towards a specific goal not just learning for the sake of finishing studies.

Wildlife Club

The Wildlife Club is a bonafide member of the Wildlife Club of Kenya that aims to empower the students through conservation knowledge. We share knowledge and stimulate interest on wildlife, conservation of the environment and biodiversity among the students which sets a basis for the greater society nationally. With the alarming rate at which climate change is manifesting, there’s need to conserve our environment for the future generations. We’re involved in training activities, information Sharing and advocacy to achieve our goals. Our goal is – learn to conserve for a better tomorrow.

Akili Dada Club

Akili Dada is a girl mentorship forum where we ensure people develop life skills, grooming, good communication and articulation skills among others. We discuss issues affecting women both locally and globally including mental health, economic and spirituality growth of our students. There’s need for women empowerment as we seek to achieve SDG 10 on reduced inequalities. Ladies must appreciate and utilize the opportunities at their disposal. Our goal is to ensure we develop into women of decorum.


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