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Dr Peter Munga had a vision of setting up an institute of learning excellence differentiated by its programme offering flexible modes of teaching and learning. This vision was realized in 2006 through the establishment of Pioneer International College which would offer programs relevant to industry needs and at the same time motivating the learners to accomplish their lifelong goals.

7 years ago, Pioneer International University was founded with a noble goal: to prepare young leaders shaped by education. The University’s Founder, Dr Peter Munga, was convinced that one of mankind’s greatest enemies was ignorance and Illiteracy which impede development due to the lack of required skills for gainful personal growth and productivity.

These flagship programmes continue at the University today, with the curriculum evolving over time through input from industry, and the pioneering research and discovery for which

We respect and celebrate our glorious past, as a platform for the future. Drawing on inspiration from our founders, Pioneer International University has a culture of progression from our humble beginnings: St. Paul Thomas Academy (1995); Pioneer Boys High School (2000); Pioneer International College (2006); and Pioneer Girls High School (2013), now collectively known as Pioneer Group of Schools.

We set out to challenge traditions that hinder progress or reinforce inequality. Our bold, compelling vision for the future will ensure these values continue.


The University strategy has four overarching objectives which will help us achieve our vision and at the same time as maintain our fundamental values. They will act as guidelines for our future development, and will be used to prioritize activities over the next five to ten years.

  • excellence;
  • internationalization;
  • equality and diversity;
  • sustainability.


We have three themes, which we will use to frame decisions about developments in teaching and learning, research and knowledge transfer, and to guide our partnerships. They are:

  • Skills Development & Productivity Growth;
  • Industrialization, Technology, and Innovation;
  • Regional Integration, Infrastructure, and Trade;


To be a world class market driven university of excellence for the good of society.


We will direct our diverse resources on advancement of knowledge through cutting-edge research and innovation, melding our rich experiences into holistic educative processes that expand horizons, produce high caliber leaders, nurture creativity and meet the needs and ambitions of a culturally and internationally diverse range of stakeholders.


Our vision is realized in line with our underlying fundamental values which describe our expectations of the ways in which we will operate and how our stakeholders behave towards each other. They are as follows:

  •  Academic Excellence and impact,
  •  Individual development,
  •  Ethical Community,
  • Team work,
  • Leadership,
  • Opportunity,
  • Innovation,


Welcome to Pioneer International University and thank you for your interest to study with us.

At PIU, we endeavor to be a world class market-driven institution that offers a mosaic of knowledge and skills to our students that stretch their minds to the possibilities and opportunities around them by creating ethical, responsible, and competitive global citizens.

Our mission is the advancement of knowledge through research and innovation, teaching and learning, and community service – a holistic process that produces high caliber and ethical leaders, nurture creativity and meet the needs and ambitions of a culturally and internationally diverse range of stakeholders.

As a University, we have continued to make tremendous strides in the programmes we roll out. Our programmes are supported by qualified faculty and quality facilities to ensure that our students’ dreams are not only nurtured but also realized. We deliver training and assessments which are founded on industry needs and expectation.

If you are an ambitious person who seeks a challenge and is eager to discover and acquire knowledge that will help make a difference in your life and the world around you, then this is the place to be.

Once again, I welcome you to Pioneer International University (PIU).

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The Vice Chancellor 2021


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