Office of the University Chaplain

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REV. Bernard Kamau, University Chaplain.

In line with the University’s slogan, “Powered By Intellect, Driven By Values the University upholds the place of the spiritual formation of both the students and the staff.

The core function of the office is to respond to the spiritual needs of the University community. It caters for all the religious categories; Protestants, Roman Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists and Muslims.

The office reports directly to the Vice chancellor of the University even though the chaplain sits as member within the Student Dean’s affairs office.

Students and staff have a choice to seek help from this office on matters concerning their faiths, counselling and exploration of other ideas that enhance their spirituality and general wellbeing. The office promotes the student’s tenets of faith in response to their needs and any other related functions.

The information and conversations with the chaplain are to be held in utmost confidentiality. The details of such conversations would not normally be revealed to a third party (e.g. member of academic staff, community or faith leader, family or friends).   However, there are some circumstances where a chaplain may feel it necessary, or is bound by law, to override confidentiality.

Such circumstances usually relate to a concern for the wellbeing of that person, or of others, or a concern that a law has been broken.

Chaplaincy Objectives

Chaplaincy department within pioneer International University will operate under the following objectives;

  • Provide care and pastoral support to all the staff and students
  • To serve all the persons within the University who would otherwise require pastoral support.
  • To serve those in times of stress, bereavement or concern of any kind
  • To serve all the staff and students of all faith in growing their connection within their faith.
  • To be a critical friend to the University in matters concerning faith, culture, ethics & diversity.
  • Offering advice on the ethnic minority and cultural issues.
  • Contributing to faith and ethics considerations within the teaching and research.
  • Offering advice to the university management on policies relating to equal opportunity, diversity, ethics and religion.

Chaplaincy Roles

  1. Chaplain will be available to meet with students or staff on campus, in halls of residence or teaching sites, or at one of the chaplaincy centres.
  2. Chaplaincy operates both in and out of office hours and throughout the year.
  3. Chaplain can offer confidential pastoral care, mediation or advocacy to students and staff in issues relating to the University or to personal concerns.
  4. Chaplaincy department will be invited to attend other relevant meetings and events that are organized by the Student Office, and to participate in project and development groups working in relevant areas
  5. An advisor on religious practice and beliefs both as governed by one’s religious inclination and the expectation of the University.
  6. An agent of clear and conscious moral decisions of life within the university community
  7. Companion in times of celebration and joy and at times of bereavement and grief in and out of the university.
  8. As a supporter of all the students and staff in enriching their life and stay at Pioneer International University.