The Admissions Procedure and Principles

Process of Admission

Applications to the PIU

Applications to the PIU academic Programmes are based on qualifications regardless of race, color, creed, gender, religion, disabilities, age or national origin. The Admission’s / Registrar’s Office is responsible for responding to admission inquiries and processing applications. All prospective and bona fide Student’s files and documents are kept and maintained at the Admissions and Registration Office under the office of the University Registar-Academics. All the documents that are submitted in support of an application become the property of the University.

Accepted or rejected

Accepted or rejected, applicants may not reclaim any of these documents. All formal records documenting selection committee decisions are kept at the admissions office

Admission granted

Admission will be granted for a specific Academic Year/Training Session. Failing to join at the Admission provided period or session will nullify the applicant’s rights for admission and a new application must be submitted.

Filling of the PIU Application Form

Admission will be based on the filling of the PIU Application Form obtainable at the Admissions Office. The same form may be downloaded from the PIU website. (The Application Form is at a cost).

Duly completed forms

Duly completed forms shall be accompanied by certified documents or authenticated supporting documents and returned to the Office of the Admissions Office. For students pursuing any regulated course they shall meet their statutory requirements and fees.

Admissions window closure

After the Admissions window closure- the University Senate ratifies the selection as presented by the Admissions Board via the Registrar. Successful applicants are issued with an admission number.

The Admissions Office/ Registrar

The Admissions Office/ Registrar writes an official PIU admission letter to notify the Successful applicants together with the registration documents, fees structure and other admission guidelines/requirements.